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The Project VIAJEOInternational Demonstrations of Platform for Transport Planning and Travel Information”, funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, aims at designing, implementing, demonstrating and validating a technological open platform in order to facilitate data sharing and exchange from different sources and provide data processing and management to support a variety of urban mobility services. The open platform will allow the integration of diverse components and it will pilot tested in four demonstration cities worldwide: Athens, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai.

For more information, please visit the project’s official website: http://www.viajeo.eu/

Within VIAJEO’s Athens pilot, three services are being implemented. Service A refers to taxi management; Service B to multimodal journey planning; and Service C refers to the establishment of an Observatory for public authorities and transport planners. The objective of the Observatory is to provide to traffic planners, public authorities, transport companies and other relevant stakeholders a well-organized data mechanism and content that will help them to estimate the status of the transportation system in Athens and support their policy making process. This will be achieved by providing data and indicators about traffic and transport conditions.

The core component of the Observatory is the indicators, which are defined in order to be able to capture a sound picture about the traffic and transport conditions in Athens that will be further used for traffic planning and decision making. The indicators mainly refer to traffic and accidents, and are clustered in four categories:
a) Road safety indicators (related to the number of reported accidents and injured persons);
b) Infrastructure and vehicle ownership indicators;
c) Road traffic indicators for specific journeys (related to traffic flow, speed and duration of the journey); and
d) Other traffic indicators (mainly referring to basic traffic indicators, such as peak hourly factor and Annual Daily Traffic).

Road Safety Indicators
Infrastructure and Vehicle Ownership Indicators
Road Traffic Indicators
Other Traffic Indicators
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